High Alumina Calcined Bauxite

  • High Alumina Calcined Bauxite

Product Description And Parameters

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Calcined bauxite is one of the principal ore of aluminum. Calcined bauxite contains hydrous aluminum oxides and aluminum hydroxides, formed through the laterization of aluminous rocks in tropical and subtropical areas .calcined bauxite is obtained by calcining (heating)superior grade bauxite at high temperature (from 85OC to 1600C) .this removes moisture thereby increasing the alumina content. compared to an alumina content of about 57%to 58%in raw bauxite, calcined bauxite has an alumina content of 84%to88%.the heating is carried out in rotary kilns.

We are mainly supplying Rotary Kiln Bauxite, also Round kiln and Shaft Kiln bauxite

Items Al₂O³ Fe₂O³ B.D. K₂O+Na₂O CaO+MgO TiO₂
L-90 90%min 1.8%max 3.38min 0.6%max 0.8%max 3.8%max
L-89 89%min 2.0%max 3.35min 0.6%max 0.8max 4%max
L-88 88%min 2.0%max 3.30min 0.6%max 0.8max 4%max
L-87 87%min 2.0%max 3.25min 0.6%max 0.8max 4%max
L-86 86%min 2.0%max 3.20min 0.6%max 0.8max 4%max
L-85 85%min 2.0%max 3.15min 0.6%max 0.8max 4%max
L-83 83%min 2.0%max 3.10min 0.6%max 0.8max 4%max
L-80 80%min 2.5%max 2.7-3.0 0.6%max 0.8max 4%max
L-78 78%min 2.5%max 2.7-2.9 0.6%max 0.8max 4%max
L-75 75%min 2.5%max 2.6-2.8 0.6%max 0.8max 4%max

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