Corundum Refractory Castable

  • Corundum Refractory Castable

Product Description And Parameters

Main Composition:Al2O3+SiC

Application:Blast furnace and other industrial kilns.

Main Raw Material:Corundum and silicon carbide

Capacity:3000 MT per month

Color:Package:Export ton bag

The corundum refractory castable is mainly made of corundum, super high-aluminum clinker and silicon carbide, combined with composite binder, water reducing agent, dispersant, etc. This product has high wear resistance, erosion resistance and erosion resistance.

1.High strength.
2.Good volume stability.
3.Excellent anti-erosion performance.
4.High working temperature.

It is mainly used as lining material for boilers, blast furnace, heating furnace, ceramic kiln and other kiln.

Item Corundum Castable
Chemical Composition (%) Al2O3+SiC ≤80
Bulk Density   (g/cm3) ≤2.8
Reheating Linear Change (%) 1200℃*3h ±0.2
M.O.R.  (MPa) 110℃*24h ≤10
AT 1300℃ ≤11
Cold Crushing Strength  (MPa) 110℃*24h ≤100
1100℃*3h ≤110

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